Once NFL Combine registration is complete we will deliver travel itineraries to all players registered to participate. If you have not received your itinerary by February 10th, 2016, please e-mail your contact information to travel@nfs-nic.com or call (317) 687-8100. (If you have an agent, they will be happy to assist you with this.)

You are required to have some form of officially recognized photo identification such as:

  • a state issued drivers license
  • a non driver’s photo identification card
  • a passport
  • a military identification card

You will need this to obtain your electronic ticket and for identification purposes at the Combine.

Travel information is included in the on-line registration. Please promptly complete your registration in full. Be sure to enter your name on the travel card as it appears on your driver’s license. We will book your round trip flight to Indianapolis once your registration is complete. For best times and connections, it is important to make reservations early. Once your flight has been booked, you will receive a travel itinerary via e-mail. It will be sent to the address you indicate on the registration.

 A note regarding travel cards: consider where you will be in February when designating your departure city. If you are working with an agent, please confirm with them your departure city in February, as the ticket must start and end in the same city.

You will be traveling on an electronic ticket. Your prepaid electronic ticket will be at the counter of the airline on which you are traveling. Due to extra airport security, you will need to be at the airport two hours before your flight is scheduled to depart. You will need a photo ID (driver’s license, passport or government issued ID) to claim your ticket.

When you arrive in Indianapolis, one of our NFL scouts will greet you at the center escalator in the Baggage Claim area. He will check your name off on the arrival sheet and then direct you to the Ground Transportation Center for your transport on the Embarque/Carey Van to the Crowne Plaza Union Station in downtown Indianapolis.

Please contact us if you have any questions.